Conduct & Discipline


Student care is the guiding philosophy of the institute as declared by the trust on the opening day. Each student is individually supervised and helped.

The management and the Director directly interact with students and their parents for quality education and individual satisfaction. Parents are invited to discuss the progress and problems, if any, regarding study and development /progress of their wards.

75% attendance, submission of the assignments etc. in time and participation in the essential  activities by students is closely monitored . Students are liable to punishment   if any of the terms of code of conduct is violated. Type of action on violation of rules  or misconduct by the student will solely   be  the discretion of the management and shell be binding.

Dress Code :- The Institute is having its dress code,  which gives a sense of belongingness and commonality  in the  institute . Besides,  dress code encourages students to be smartly dressed and more disciplined. All students are required to come in classes and all other official functions  in proper and prescribed dress/uniform.