Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering is the application of the scientific laws governing electricity, magnetism and light to develop new technologies in helping mankind, to make their lives more comfortable. Electrical Engineering involves the generation production, transmission, distribution and application of electrical energy.

Engineering who specialize in electrical engineering are also concerned with the design and analysis of controllers and power convertors that eventually help in obtaining the desired characteristics of electro mechanical systems, thus opmizing their performance. Students at BSM would be given guidance by ranked faculty and gain the fundamental knowledge and practices that govern modern controls, power devices and huge power systems.

Electrical Labs:-

1. Basic Electrical Machine Lab.
2. Power system protection Lab
3. AC Machines Lab
4. Computer Programming Lab
5. Electrical Measurement Lab.
6. Electric Circuits Lab.
7. Power Electronic Lab.
8. Control System Lab
9. Electrical Instrumentation Lab
10. Communication Engineering Lab
11. Network Lab
12. Electro Mechanical Energy Conversion
13. Electrical Simulation Lab
14. Microprocessor Lab

The department of Electrical was established in the year 2011 with an initial intake of 60 students and an intake increased to 90 in the year 2013 the department has grown steadily and the present intake is 120 students. The institute is affiliated to UTU, Dehradun Uttarakhand. The department has well qualified and experienced faculty with many pursuing their Doctoral degree. The department main objective is to attain top quality teaching-learning process. Thus ensuring that students should become professionals character integrity and patriotism. The department is towards building strong industry-institute interactions. The Students graduated from the department are well placed in India & abroad. Quite a few of them have pursued higher studies both in India & abroad.

The dedicated faculty gives individual attention to students to motivate them to achieve their professional goals. The faculty always strives for imparting better knowledge to the students and works as a team in all departmental activities