Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering touch almost every aspect of technology. The create machines, products and technological systems that benefit society. Mechanical engineering projects can range from designing heart valves and artificial limbs. Clockwork radios and dentists drills, building racing cars. Jet engines, space modules, solar heaters and wind mills.

Mechanical engineering use the principles of mathematics, material science, physics and economics to design, to manufacture and to maintain mechanical equipment. , mechanical Engineering is a wide field. Wherever there are machines, there is a necessity of mechanical Engineering.

Mechanical engineering Lab.:-

  • Mechanical works
  • Material Testing Lab.
  • Fluid Mechanics Lab.
  • Applied Thermodynamics Lab.
  • Kinematics Lab.
  • Dynamics Lab.
  • Manufacturing Science Lab.
  • Measurement & Metrology Lab.
  • Heat & Mass Transfer Lab.
  • Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Lab.
  • Fluid Machinery Lab.
  • CAD Lab.
  • Automobile Lab.
  • CAM Lab.
  • IC Engine Lab
  • Machine Design Lab.

Mechanical Department was established in 2011 under BSM College of Engineering, Roorkee Dehradun (Uttarakhand), is a premier and budding dept. with a vision to make its students professionally superior and ethically strong global manpower. Every activity at the department is focused on addressing the student needs. It offers and facilitates academic excellence, leadership qualities, nurturing environment, cutting-edge infrastructure – everything students need to succeed. Opportunities abound for them to expand the boundaries of their performance and accomplishment.

A team of dedicated and experienced faculty with Ph.D degree along with research bent of mind has been driving the institution towards excellence in teaching as well as in R&D activities. The results have been excellent. Mechanical Department. is about always trying to push the bar a little more, constantly innovating and never standing still.

The department of Mechanical Engineering functions in the new block at B.S.M campus. State-of-the-art facilities are provided for the students in the form of Labs and Books. The department is equipped with computing Laboratories, Internet facility, having 60 high performance systems and well-equipped library. The department has currently an intake of 120 students.