Our Chairman's Message

BSM College Of Engineering is a premier institution of engineering and technology in Uttrakhand. Education is the only possibility through Which society can be change to better living condition and congenial and peaceful environment mission of BSM College Of Engineering.

Roorkee is to nurture and develop the talent and skill of the student in a true sense in order to support the social and economic advancement of the country. we are committed to provide quality education to the student who aspire to attain knowledge,skill and qualification in Engineering and Technology. All efforts are made to shape the young mind into perfect professional having high confidence. streak of originality,creative thinking,good knowledge of the subject,high moral and social values.

An Atmosphere of learning by interaction b/w teacher and student based on the age old tradition of Guru and Shishiya is prevailing in the campus .Our emphasis is on preparing the student ready to face the challenges of life boldly with truthfulness and honesty after the college campus. The Campus has academic and administrative block and all laboratories, which are as good as the laboratories of any primer institute of India.In addition to these , excellent hostel accommodation ,sports ground and transportation facilities are available in the campus.Attention will be paid to the individual student keeping in view his IQ level, personal circumstances and problems. Continuous efforts are made through personality Development Programme to enhance the communication skill,personality and talent of the student.

The Student are motivated to take interest in learning ,acquiring good habits and to develop sensitivity towards the need of the society and nature. the training and placement cell at the campus will ensure the training of the student in the various reputed companies and industries,and will be continuous arranging various activites where the student intract with the executive industries.

I Welcome to all my new Students to BSM college of Engineering and wish them a meaningful learning ,vast knolwledge of the subject, development of new skills and telent and execiting life at the campus so that they are able to change themselves not only into a good professional but a good human being also.

Shree Manohar Lal Sharma (Advocate)
(Ex. State Minister, Uttarakhand Govt.)

Our Director's Message

It is my privilege to welcome you to BSM College of Engineering Roorkee.

I believe you will gain an insight about what makes this Institute rated among top Institutes of Technology of the country. The Institute has already marked its presence as a leading job oriented course and teaching Institute. Its strengths and standing are best evidenced by the high quality of the national students admitted in various programs and well qualified faculty.

The Institute is located in periphery the city of Roorkee. The city has been glorified by several eminent personalities. The mission of BSM COER to excel in the field of technology in the backdrop of glorious intellectual and cultural life of the city will make the Institute the most preferred destination for young students aspiring to emerge as successful technologists. With the support of highly qualified faculty members and excellent infrastructure I hope we shall be able to continue to add to the intellectual and professional development of the country.

With dramatic developments in the field of Science and Technology in the recent past it has become extremely important for all of us to strive hard to keep pace with the changing scenario. The key to our success depends on the dedication of each individual. We need to work hard to maintain excellence in teaching and research in order to compete with other Technological Institutes of the country. The Institute is committed to equity and promoting talent without any prejudice. I strongly believe, like me you would also love to enjoy the proud privilege of becoming a part of this Institute which has witnessed 3 glorious years of its existence.

To create an environment that shall foster the growth of intellectually capable, innovative and entrepreneurial professionals, who shall contribute to the growth of science and technology in partnership with industry and develop and harness it for the welfare of the nation and mankind.

Dr R.R.Prasad